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Achievements and Awards 

In November 2016, five Nurse Anesthetists from the healthcare industry formed Our Hearts Your Hands Inc. to help raise awareness about anesthesia care. Continue reading to learn about their achievements and awards in the past. For further inquiries, contact our organization at [email protected]


  • Three (3) Board Members Received the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA) Agatha Hodgins Award for Outstanding Accomplishment
  • Three (3) 3 Board Members Are Experts in Nurse Anesthesia Education and Accreditation of National Educational Programs
  • Three (3)) Board Members Received the International Federation of Nurse Anesthetists (IFNA) Hermi Lohnert Award for Outstanding Service
  • Three (3) Board Members have been selected as Fellows in the American Academy of Nursing
  • Two (2) Board Members Are Former AANA Presidents
  • Two (2) Board Members Are International Educational Program Accreditation Visitors
  • One (1) Board Member Is the Current President of the IFNA
  • One (1) Board Member Is the Past President of IFNA
  • One (1) Board Member Has International Accreditation Development Experience


You may direct your donations to a specific cause if you do not respond to a specific fundraiser.  Donate and email: [email protected] to direct your donation, or write a notation in the check you send.  Donations are tax deductible!

Donations may be made via our paypal account by clicking on the button below or the donate header on the home page, or by mailing a check to our office:

Our Hearts Your Hands, Inc.

3830 Falls Circle

Carmel, IN 46033  

2016-2018 Donors (please email us if your name does not appear)




Debbie Barber

Monique Bowersox

Susan Caulk

Alissa Dasse

Janet Dewan

Marjorie Everson

Sarah Fredriksson

Bob Gauvin

Mark Haffey

Cyndi Harting

Betty Horton

Kate Jansky

Evan Koch

Uwe Klemm

Dan Lovinaria

Frank Maziarski

Rebecca Madsen

Diane McElheny

Valerie McKinley

Randall Moore

Kristina Morris

Michael Neft

Sandy Ouellette

Mary Ann Radpour

Jackie Rowles

Christine Salvator

Kay Sanders

Linda Scramstad

Louise Scudieri

Ryan Shedd

Lois Stewart

Karen Trask

Larry Troshynski

Dina Velocci

Barbara Wertz

Linda Williams

Jon Wilton

Jon Wohlhuter

Kym Worland

2019, 2020 Donors


Susan Caulk

Janet Dewan

Kathy Belcher

Janet Dewan

Dianna Gibson (monthly donations via paypal)

Cornelia Hammerly

Betty Horton

Dennis James

John Hopkins University Nurse Anesthesia Program

Sandra Ouellette

Sharon Pearce

Lisa Riedel (monthly donations via paypal)

Jackie Rowles

Kay Sanders

Eileen Stuart -Shor

Wanda Wilson

2021 Donors

DIANA GIBSON (special donor -- monthly donations via paypal)

Betty Horton

Sandy Ouellette

Susan Caulk

Kay Sanders

Sharon Pearce

Tracy Castleman

Carole Doyscher

Jackie Rowles

Cameroon fundraiser donors

Adam Akins

Adrienne Cain

Allison Carter

Janet Dewan

Michelle Duell

Victoria Eads

Jennifer Esplana

Tina Gordon

Mark Haffey

Jeffrey Heese

Kris Huerta

Eric Kramer

Daniel King

Leigh Ann Lakose

Mike MacKinnon

Christopher Malcom

Ramon Medina

Eileen Miller

Lisa Osborne

Shipla Patel

Heather Rankin

Lynn Reede

Jackie Rowles

Barbara Scalet

Kandi Smith

Eileen Stuart-Shor

Karen Szuba

Louis Stanfield

Kathleen Thibeault

Lisa Thiemann

Samuel Turner

Grant Van Meter

Tony Vo

Mercedes Weir

Barbara Wentz

Cathy Whitsell

HONORARY or Directed Donations

Betty Horton, 2019, in honor of Kay Sanders, DNP, CRNA for her retirement as the Founding Program Director for the Texas Christian University School of Nurse Anesthesia

Sandra Ouellette, 2020, in honor of Maura McAuliffe, PhD, CRNA, FAAN the first International Federation of Nurse Anesthetists Researcher whose work has been so valuable in the development of the IFNA 30 year history book (publication target 1st quarter of 2021)


Susan Caulk

Betty Horton

Sandy Ouellette

Jackie Rowles

Nancy Whittstock

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